Bell Peppers in 5 Gallon Buckets.


The peppers got all mixed up during potting-up. I don't know which is which. You may be looking at an Anaheim Chili or a Gourmet Bell Pepper. I dunno. But, we'll find out soon enough. One of the buds has blossomed.

I found aphids on two of the plants last week and have taken the following steps to fight them:

  • Hand-to-hand combat - satisfying, but slow. Also, you'll never get them all.
  • Neem Oil - worked well, but requires contact, so you need to apply every other day for a week or so. mix it lightly, a heavy concentration could damage the foliage, kill plant, etc... Safe and effective for small infestations.
  • Ladybugs. I'm buying some next week, the place in town that has them is out.

I checked today, and only found 2 or 3 aphids on any plant. I'll give it another day and hit them with the neem oil again. The plants leaves lightened noticeably on the first application, but cam back after 2 days, so I'm not going to risk loosing the plants to neem trying to fix an aphid problem that isn't even a problem yet.

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